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How to be saved: understand what to do to be saved according to the Bible

How to be saved: understand what to do to be saved according to the Bible

For you to be saved, just believe in Jesus as your savior! There is nothing you can do to deserve salvation, because God offers it freely. Just accept this gift wholeheartedly.

If you really want to be saved, you are already on the right path. This means that God is calling you. Jesus said he is like a person knocking on your door. If you open the door, he will come in and bring salvation (Revelation 3:20).

The only thing you need to do to receive salvation is to believe in Jesus. But what does it mean?

1. Recognize your flaws and want to change

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. This is part of our human nature, but it is a big problem. The wrong things we do hurt ourselves and the people around us. The Bible also says that our mistakes bring death and eternal damnation (Romans 6:23).

When you see that you have a problem, it is natural to want to solve that problem. The first step in salvation is recognizing that you have flaws, feeling uncomfortable about it and wanting to live differently. This is called repentance.

2. Believing in God

The Bible says you were created in a special way by God. He loves you and doesn't want to see you suffer (Ezekiel 18:32). Even so, and despite having all power, God allows you to choose whether you love Him or not. He does not force you to obey. But when you make a mistake you hurt God.

God created the rules for your good. When you obey, you discover a better way to live. But when you disobey, it causes a lot of problems in the world. Therefore, God applies punishment to restore justice. But God does not like to punish and wants to forgive.

3. Believing that Jesus paid the price for you

The problem is that the punishment has to be applied (James 2:10-11). The good deeds you do don't make up for the bad things. For example, a murderer cannot make up for the lives he took by later saving other people. The debt is too big to be paid in this life. The consequences of his actions are impossible to calculate, which is why the punishment is eternal.

But God did not leave the situation like that. He decided to pay the punishment for you! God came to earth as a man, called Jesus, and went through everything we go through, but without ever sinning. Then he offered to die in our place, on the cross. Since God was perfect and eternal, the sacrifice he made was also perfect and eternal (Hebrews 9:27-28). He paid the price for all sins!

4. Recognize Jesus as your savior

Now that the punishment for sin has been paid, God offers salvation freely. But even so, He does not force anyone to accept it. Only those who believe in Jesus and accept him as their savior, repenting of their sins, will be saved (John 3:16).

Accepting Jesus as your savior is opening the door for him to enter your life. It is as if you died to the old life and received a new life, free from condemnation. This means making a commitment to follow Jesus and live for him. So, it will change your life!

5. The beginning of a new life

If you have made the decision to believe in Jesus, then congratulations! There's a party going on in Heaven for you (Luke 15:10). But it doesn't end here. Now your life will be different. The Bible compares salvation to a second birth.

Now you need to grow up.

Salvation is not just a decision you make one day and it ends there. It is a new way of living, together with Jesus. Talk to God (prayer), read the Bible and try to have contact with other believers. And God will always be with you, forever.

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