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What is the Justice of God (Biblical meaning)

What is the Justice of God (Biblical meaning)

Justice is an attribute of God, it is one of His own characteristics. Being righteous is a fundamental quality of God's nature.

God's righteousness is manifested through Jesus Christ and is expressed in his actions and in fulfilling the demands of God's own perfection.

The Bible says that the Justice of God is revealed through the Gospel (Romans 1:17), of the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

This justice, seen throughout the Scriptures, was fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of the Lord. We find in the Word of God the standard for all righteousness that needs to be fulfilled by all people.

Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and your law is truth. Psalms 119:142

What is the meaning of justice?

In general terms, justice is giving each person what they are entitled to, what they deserve. Always complying with what is fair and correct.

Most people have some sense of justice. We are all aware of being in a world of injustice and even though we are not very fair, we complain when there is a lack of justice.

Justice is always more rigorous when we demand it in our favor. When we are wronged, we demand punishment and punishment from others, but not the other way around.

We seek our own righteousness when we want to be favored, but we forget it when it accuses us.

It seems that self-righteousness is almost always above common justice, deserved by everyone. But is human justice so far from God's justice? Unfortunately, the justice of men is full of injustice.

Justice vs. injustice

God is perfect, incorruptible and fully just. That is why he always acts in accordance with his Justice. He is the exclusive standard of honesty, truth and integrity.

God's Justice is straight and full of mercy. He reproves and condemns injustice because it causes destruction and death.

When someone commits injustice, the destructive damage of evil and death directly affects the transgressor himself, those harmed by him, compromising the relationship with God, the world and his fellow human beings.

The example of Cain and Abel

A good biblical example of the damage caused by injustice is the story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-16). Moved by anger, envy and malice, Cain killed his own brother. This sin destroyed the life of the innocent, Abel, and separated Cain from God and his family.

Furthermore, Cain's injustice brought a curse on the land, on his work, and his life was consumed by feelings of rejection, guilt and fear.

God removed Cain, punishing him for his crime, but treated him with mercy, placing a sign on him to preserve his life. This is how God's justice works, it is coated with mercy.

God's Justice and Mercy

How happy is he who has his transgressions forgiven and his sins erased!How happy is he to whom the Lord does not attribute guilt and in whom there is no hypocrisy.Psalms 32:1-2

When we think about justice, the punishment and punishment deserved for something that was done wrong comes to mind. These ideas are not wrong, but thank God that his justice is different from ours. Human justice is flawed, partial, corruptible and often opportunistic. That is, according to our "justice", the other always deserves to be punished and pay the consequences of their mistakes.

But if we are the ones to blame, we look for partiality or a loophole to clear ourselves.

God's justice, on the other hand, is loyal, upright, and infallible. Furthermore, divine justice is merciful and oppresses no one in his judgment (Job 37:23).

God's justice goes hand in hand with His mercy. He does not clear the guilty, but forgives those who repent with all their heart.

God's compassion is His gracious willingness to have compassion on humanity from the beginning to the end of time. In this loving offering, He considers our miserable state and offers full forgiveness to the repentant sinner when he believes in His goodness and accepts His favor.

However, to satisfy justice, the guilty party must be punished. In the Bible, however, we see that God himself decided to pay the penalty . He assigned to Himself the guilt of those who repent. For his love, Jesus Christ took our place, suffering punishment for our injustices, for our sins. Through faith, we have been graciously replaced by Jesus.

Jesus and the Justice of God

"But now a righteousness from God apart from the law has been revealed, as the law and the prophets testify, the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe..."Romans 3:21-22a

Jesus fulfilled all righteousness. He was just and merciful throughout his life, without ever sinning. Through Him God revealed His will to human beings.

Jesus Christ, the Just, divided the history of humanity, being the greatest example of the perfect Justice that men desire. Thanks to Him, everyone can have access to God's justice and mercy, through faith in His Word.

The sin present in humanity makes our justice flawed and limited (Isaiah 64:6).

Even the most correct justice systems are prone to failure. It's as if we closed our eyes to the other's cause and always tipped the scales towards our side, out of convenience.

We are all unclean because of our sin; when we show our acts of righteousness, they are but filthy ragsIsaiah 64:6 - NVT

Therefore, all people need a resource outside of themselves to achieve true justice. Only when we approach God do we reach, by faith, the standard of infallible and merciful Justice.

To solve the problem of sin, which needs to be punished (Romans 6:23), Jesus gave himself to fulfill the demand of His perfection.

Justice has been served. It was fully fulfilled in Christ being punished for humanity's sin. With the death of Jesus, the price of the debt of guilt and condemnation was paid. Everyone who believes in Him can enjoy the forgiveness of sins. Due to the merits of Jesus, everyone who seeks his righteousness is considered justified and accepted by God.

For God made Christ, who never sinned, the offering for our sin, so that through him we might be declared righteous before God.2 Corinthians 5:21

God's Justice does not delay or fail

Although, in our eyes, divine justice is not applied as it should, God is just . He is the righteous Judge of the universe and acts perfectly despite our contrary opinion. He is quick to do justice, waiting for his perfect time, we will see that everyone will receive what they deserve.

God “will reward each person according to his behavior.”Romans 2:6

If you have suffered injustice, do not seek revenge or try to take justice into your own hands. Place your cause in the hands of the One who can help you (Lamentations 3:58). God remains in control of everything.

But if you have failed and now fear God's justice, genuinely repent and seek God's forgiveness. Christ is our advocate (1 John 2:1). Remember that when someone believes in the Lord Jesus, and repents of their sins, they soon become justified by faith.

However, when he fails to comply with his will, rejecting God's grace, that person acts unjust and remains a rebel before God. His unrighteousness (failure, transgression, corruption, sin-1 John 5:17) will be attributed to him and he will have to be punished for it.

You can trust in God's justice!

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